Introduction to the basic knowledge of 8.8 hex combination screws

Shenzhen Chuanggu Screw Zhu Manager introduces the basic knowledge of 8.8 hex combination screws. The 8.8 hex combination screw refers to a 8.8-level cylindrical head hex screw with a spring pad fastened together with a flat pad combination fangs. The three assembly pieces. The 8.8-class hexagon socket combination screw is manufactured from the material of the screw wire 10B21. After hitting the 10B21 screw wire pier, it needs to be heat treated, that is, we often say that it is hardened and hardened to reach 8.8. After the hardening is completed, in order to prevent the elastic pad in the hexagon socket combination screw from being light and brittle, the experienced combination screw manufacturer will require the 8.8-class hexagonal combination screw to be dehydrogenated before plating. In addition to hydrogen, after the screw is hardened, there is hydrogen on the surface of the screw itself, and hydrogen reacts with oxygen in the air to cause a chemical reaction. In this case, it is easy to break the screw and the head of the screw is easily cracked. Therefore, in addition to hydrogen, the screws can be tightened more.

The common specifications of the 8.8 hex combination screw are 4*10 6*16 8*20 and other sizes. Electroplating is environmentally friendly and non-environmental. This needs to be determined according to the requirements of the customer. Generally there are environmentally friendly color zinc, environmentally friendly blue zinc, environmentally friendly white nickel, environmentally friendly white zinc, color zinc, black zinc, white zinc, blue zinc, black, and so on.

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