Application principle and characteristics of the rotary-type material level switch

The rotary-type level switch is used for detecting the level of the solid material (powder\particle). The field control device is a field-control device for detecting the level of the solid material (powder\particle). Unique sealing design \Super overload protection and easy installation make it widely used in feed, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, construction, fertilizer, etc. The rotary level switch is driven by a micro motor. The device is connected to the clutch. When the material is not in contact with the material, the motor runs normally. When the blade contacts the material, the motor stops rotating. The detecting device outputs a contact signal and simultaneously cuts off the power supply to stop the rotation. When the material drops, the blade is resisted. Disappeared, the detection device relies on the torsion spring to return to the original state. The torque can be adjusted for different specific gravity materials.

The unique oil seal design of the rotary-type material level switch can prevent the dust from penetrating along the shaft; the torque is stable and reliable, and the torque can be adjusted; when the blade is under heavy load, the motor slewing mechanism will automatically slip, and the protection is not damaged; the connection specification\blade\ The length can be customized; the imported motor has reliable performance and can run continuously for a long time.

Huajiang Technology tells us that when using the rotary level switch, it is necessary to confirm whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the voltage on the label; when installing horizontally, the junction box inlet should be vertically downward, and the cable fixing nut must be locked. Conditions can be added to the rain cover, etc.; the resistance level switch should be avoided to be installed at the feed port. When it is unavoidable, a protective baffle can be added to protect the blade from material impact; when horizontally installed, the blade is horizontally downward 10 Install at an angle of ~20° to reduce the impact of materials; confirm horizontal installation or vertical installation before installation. The rotary-type level switch is widely used in the industrial field. Huajiang Automation treats each customer with professional attitude. If you have any questions, we will have a professional technician to help you answer, I hope to bring you help!

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