Research and Analysis on the Dynamic Management of Chemical Enterprises

Enterprises in the power management work often use the equipment management model. We are all very clear that power management must not only manage power equipment. Moreover, it is necessary to manage power production and operation, and the management method differs from simple equipment management. The mode of equipment management in use, whether in the basic management or technical status management, is often not on the number, affecting the improvement of professional management level. In response to this situation, the Ministry of Production and Coordination Department held three special meetings in August 1991 to May 1992 to organize discussions and amend the “Power Management Regulations” to make “standard” tightness, high operability and close integration. The actual situation of chemical companies. After the “norm” was issued, the Power Committee actively cooperated with the Ministry of Chemical Industry's Production Coordination Department to implement the equipment power department in the chemical industry. In October 1994 and September 1995, they held two special meetings to study how to conscientiously implement “standards” and organize Exchange of experience.

Now that the Ministry of Chemical Industry has been withdrawing for the entire six years, I understand that the “Power Manual for Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Regulations” prepared by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry, and the “Power Management Regulations” still play an important role in the management of chemical companies. And potential profound effects. In terms of technology, the major tasks of the professional committees are to organize special technical exchanges, release new technology information, and select outstanding papers. The main tasks are as follows:

The amount of electricity consumed by the chemical industry is huge, accounting for about ro% of the country's electricity generation. As electricity prices rise, affecting corporate profits, it is imperative to save energy. The energy-saving technology of the transformer's economic operation is a power-saving method that optimizes the operation mode under the existing equipment conditions. It can receive good power-saving effects without investment or with little investment. In order to promote the wide application of this technology in chemical companies, a special seminar was held in Huangshan in October 1994, and Zhu Weinan, an associate professor of the Nanjing Power College of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, was invited to give lectures on transformers' economic operation technology. Introduction to the experience of the economic operation of transformers.

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