Wooden door purchase: the color and texture of the product are very important

The style and type of wooden doors are various. The most important thing is to learn to match, so that the wooden doors of your home and the floor, furniture and wall are naturally blended, so that the style is harmonious and unified.

For many wooden door consumers, the color and texture of the wooden door products are very important. The wooden door is coated with many different processes. The principle of the process design is to select the appropriate paint varieties and determine the coating according to the requirements and standards of the wooden door products. Install the operation process and configuration of related equipment.

In the market, we can see most of the wooden door products, the surface coating effect is fully enclosed transparent and colored effect, the coatings used are mainly PU paint. In this paper, we will introduce the process and the advantages and disadvantages of each process with PU as the coating's fully enclosed transparent colored effect.

This basic process is suitable for the paint application of most wooden door companies. However, each factory has made some adjustments based on the product positioning and materials used by the respective companies. Based on the above process, some different process operations have been derived. In this article, we will focus on introducing various derivative processes. Work flow.

1. Process flow: white blank grinding → spray sealing solid bottom → grinding → rub PU Gres → spray transparent primer → sanding → spray transparent primer → sanding → spray transparent primer → grinding → color correction → light grinding → spray Clear topcoat.

2, product positioning: high-end products.

3. Advantages: It has very good permeability and layering (three-dimensionality). Even if the texture of the wood itself is not clear enough, the texture can be expressed more clearly through the above process.

4. Disadvantages: high cost and long working time.

5. Suggestions:

1) If the texture of the wood itself is very clear and beautiful, it is not necessary to use the bottom coloring (such as the veneer of Sapele, directly to make a transparent primer, the wooden eye itself will give a flashing effect, very beautiful; but if The bottom coloring process does not show this effect);

2) After the bottom coloring process, the color of the face color correction can be lighter, so that the layering permeability is better.

Through the introduction and analysis of the above wooden door products, we can see that each process has its applicability and has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing a process, we must consider the actual needs and conditions to choose the right process. Otherwise, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect, sometimes it costs more, and we can't do the effect and quality we want. .

Simple wind doors and windows will be popular

Conciseness is beautiful. Whether it is door, furniture or other room decoration style, simple (simple decoration effect picture) can always give people a feeling of relaxation and comfort. There are not too many shapes, more horizontal and vertical, even if there is decoration, it is a simple line or a square or rectangular glass in the frame, which reveals a life attitude, work and life to be simple Everyday life is full of sunshine. The process behind the simple styling is actually not simple. The enterprise uses a combination of the covering process and the traditional enamel technology to combine the assembled door, and strives to be precise, firm, simple and not easy to deform; In terms of design, the style requirements are simple and clear, and there are some Japanese and Korean styles, so that consumers can feel the exotic while enjoying the simplicity.

New Chinese style wooden wood texture wooden door popular

The new Chinese style (Chinese style renderings) style is another popular weather vane in the market. It is understood that compared with consumers in the Beijing-Tianjin region and coastal areas, Xi'an people prefer the traditional style in the aesthetic, thick and practical, and the door made of red oak is highly sought after. "This may be similar to the character of the Northwesters. It is real, kind and conservative. But the new Chinese style is more atmospheric, and the future is still the mainstay of the market." Door and window professionals said that Chinese style can be made with Sapele, birch, etc. The wooden door that can display the natural color of wood grain is very simple. The main display is the texture of wood. There is also a popular style called “parquet”, which is to spell out the different textures of veneer, or regular or irregular, or two The combination of wood and wood is pure and natural. Even if you look at a door, you feel that it is an artistic enjoyment.

Jane European style wooden doors are increasingly favored

In addition to the wood-colored doors, the market also has blue, purple, and white "color wooden doors." White wooden doors made of canal and oak are more common and suitable for modern and simple decoration. The "color wooden door" that appears today is very eye-catching. At first glance, it is not a wooden door. When you look closer, you can still see the wooden door. The wooden texture can be clearly seen despite the paint treatment. Because the color is bold, many people in the early market feel a bit glaring, but the colored wooden doors are suitable for those styles of cartoons and gorgeous colors, and are now more and more sought after by the market. Although the stressful life makes people demand simple and clean life and remove all unnecessary decorations, the emphasis on wooden door locks is increasing. Like the style of wooden doors, the door locks play the role of finishing touches. There are bright styles and European classical points. The quality and function of the hinges are also the focus of competition among various businesses. Good hinges can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and high and low. Even if the wooden door sinks due to the long use time, it can be adjusted freely.

As a classic European and American style product, the surface of Jane European style wooden door seems to be serious and monotonous, but the depth is deep. Compared with the traditional Chinese doors, the European and American doors pay more attention to the variability of the lines, the layering of the sculptures and the staleness of the paint. Unlike the bright and light pursuit of Chinese painting, the American painting focuses on the old-fashioned sense of history. Under the guidance of the wind vane, the current trend of “old and old” has become more and more popular. The engraving process, the gold-drawing process, and the open-painting process that displays the unevenness are also prevailing. According to industry insiders, Jane Oumen, which has simple curved design and square design, is especially popular among Xi'an consumers. “Many people don’t like doors with rich styles, but simple European styles, simple shapes and a slight curvature design have the meaning, whether they are older or younger!” Colored wooden doors make your home more lovely.

Metal ceramic or cermet, In order to make the ceramic can be high temperature resistance and not easy to break, the engineer put metal powder into ceramic clay, so made of cermet.


The ceramic phase in the cermet is an oxide or refractory compound with a high melting point and a high hardness. The metal phase is mainly a transition element (iron, cobalt, nickel, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, etc.) and its alloy. Cermets have both metal toughness, high thermal conductivity and good thermal stability, but also has a ceramic high temperature, corrosion resistance and wear characteristics.


Cermet have both metal and ceramic advantages, it is small density, high hardness, wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, It is not easy to brittle due to sudden or sudden heat.


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