Qi Family Picture Show: Simple and elegant Bosch ceiling

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[Suspended ceiling & Yuba] Bo Sega ceiling

Measurement: Master Du & Master Wu

Design: Bosch cc

Delivery: Du boss

Installation: Master Xiao Wu

Let's talk about the Yuba installation that the students are most concerned about. As long as your home's electrical wiring specification, Bosch's installation master will help you to connect the bath. The installation master said that due to the difference in electrician skills of each family, some people's power is not standardized, and the electrician himself is not even clear about the zero line. In this case, installing the bathroom heater is quite dangerous and it will burn the machine out. . If the cable specification, then each Bo Sega ceiling installation master will install Yuba!

Now cut into the topic, talk about my purchase and installation process.

I was on the site of the Bosaka ceiling on November 21st. It wasn’t long before Boschia called and arranged for measurements. Because I was not at home on the day of the survey, after listening to the installation master, he said that he and the boss had come together to measure it, and suddenly felt flattered.

Then there was my designer, Bosaka cc. The efficiency was high! Whether it was a plan or a modification, it was always sent to my mailbox. And after modifying it, I will call me and let me be very satisfied.

On November 28th, I selected the color of the board at the site of the group buying conference. The ivory is used in the restrooms, and the kitchen is equipped with a Lath board that matches the Moon Goddess picture.

In general, Bosch's ceiling was delivered on the first day and was installed the next day. Because I don’t want to take up too much valuable annual leave, and some parts of my kitchen haven’t finished yet, so I’m about to ship on December 6th and install on December 10th. By the way, it is necessary to remind the students who plan to choose Bosaka ceiling, it is best to make an appointment 4 days in advance.

On the morning of December 6th, I received a phone call from Bosega and I determined if there were any people in the family. I would send the material after 45 minutes. After about half an hour someone will ring the doorbell. When he opened the door, he actually delivered the door-to-door delivery by Mr. Du. He ran up and down 3 times and sent all the installation materials to my house. Also looked at our kitchen and toilet situation and took care of the places to pay attention to. I was very surprised to ask how the owner personally delivered goods. He said that another delivery master was too busy to come. He himself came. Before leaving, he said that he had forgotten to bring the warranty card. Next time, let the installation master bring it together.

On December 10, I deliberately invited one day off to see the ceiling installation. At 8:30 in the morning, the master called me and said he was there. At that time, I was just on the subway, and my home decoration workers were not there. I was very embarrassed to shut Master Xiao Wu at the door for half an hour. Into the door he did not complain, but also help me to install. He told me that because the guests of Pudong were installed yesterday and then lived in a friend's home and did not return to the company, they did not bring a warranty card and said that they would deliver to me next time. I said it's okay. I will go to the group purchase site on December 12 to get it.

At lunchtime, Master Xiao Wu went down to eat lunch and continued to install until 14:30 in the afternoon, and finally he was done!

After communicating with the woodworking master of my family to finish the TV background wall, I and lg went home at 4pm. How far did it go, my cell phone rang. It was the boss of Bosegaard. He said to send me a warranty card. It was coming. I asked if there were any people in my family. He also drove in person for the warranty card. It really made me super-moving.

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