alert! Summer children's home safety hazards

During the summer, accidents involving accidental injuries and deaths among children everywhere are heartbreaking. For children, sometimes, the home is a place where the incidence of accidental injuries is high.

Restaurant security

It is best not to lay tablecloths on the table, because the children are easy to squat down when they have a tablecloth. If something falls on the top, it is easy to cause damage. The temperature of the food on the fresh end is relatively high. At this time, it is best to have a special person to look after the child. Don't let the whole family go to the meal. The young child is best to use a round-headed spoon. The chopsticks of the adult cannot be used as toys.

The refrigerator door should also be locked. It is not afraid of children stealing food. It is a child who is afraid of curiosity. Whenever you open the refrigerator door, when you take something, you are scratched or broken. Especially the large refrigerator, it is necessary to lock it up.

Bedroom security

Children's beds should try to avoid the appearance of corners and corners. The corners should be smooth to the touch, and there should be no dangerous objects such as wood thorns and metal nails. Children's beds should have guardrails. Children under 6 cannot be placed in the upper bunk. Do not place the children's bed near the window sill, the heating or the wall lamp, and do not install a bed that is shaded or airtight.

Sheets and duvet covers are the most intimate contact with children, so natural, soft cotton is the best choice.

Bathroom kitchen safety

The safety of the kitchen is also a top priority. Keep the kettle out of the reach of children. The pot that has just finished cooking, the kettle that has just finished the water must be collected, and educate the children not to smash the stove. The kitchen knife for cutting vegetables should also be collected.

The toilet lid of the restroom should be covered in time. If it is not covered, the child can easily turn it into it. It is best to set a cabinet or drawer in the toilet to be placed in a uniform, and the child may accidentally eat or misuse.

Balcony security

If it is an open balcony or no security window, it is best to add a protective net outside the window. At present, there are two main types of protective nets in the market, one is aluminum alloy and the other is made of steel wire plastic pipe. The advantage of the former is that it is durable and beautiful, but the price is relatively expensive; the latter is cheap and does not hinder air circulation. In the choice of curtains, if the family conditions permit, it is recommended to choose electric curtains to avoid the potential danger of the curtain rope to the child.

If there is no protective net installed, do not place objects such as chairs and coffee tables in the window position to prevent children from climbing.

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