Door and Window Hardware Accessories: Curtain Rod Purchase and Installation

Brand Shop: Hettich Hardware

First, the type of curtain rod

It can be seen by curtain rod divided into two categories: the next shot and dark bar: the next shot is that you can see the colors and decorative pole head (commonly known as the flower head) shape of the curtain rod.

Because it conforms to the fashionable trend of "light decoration and heavy decoration" in modern society, it is being welcomed and accepted by more and more families.

Dark rods, contrary to light rods, are often placed in drapes. People can easily see the poles themselves. This kind of decoration has become more and more outdated and is gradually being eliminated by the times.

According to the material of the curtain rod and its application to the market, different divisions:

The earliest plastic and wooden products, aluminum alloys, iron alloys, and zinc alloy products that were later applied, have been available as pure stainless steel materials until now.

Second, choose the principle of curtain rod

1, style and color collocation

The choice of curtain rods is primarily a choice of colors and styles. According to the main colors of home decoration and curtain fabrics with different colors of curtain rods, in addition to the choice of curtain rods to match with the overall style, so that the overall color of the room to coordinate the beauty of the United States. For example, most people's homes are mainly based on simple style, and they should choose curtain rods with fast-paced and simple lines.

2, the owner's taste

"See Wei Zhizu", generally people are willing to observe others from the details, the same is true of room decoration. The choice of a small curtain rod can reflect the taste of the room owner from one side.

3, the function and use of the nature of the room

In addition to the most basic requirements of being easy to pull and aesthetically pleasing, it is also possible to choose special curved tubes and functional over-circular brackets depending on the edge shape of the window.

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