Facility vegetable pests and diseases spray control method is good

In greenhouses and greenhouse vegetables, due to their special environment, no matter which vegetable varieties are planted, their occurrence of pests and diseases is a serious trend. According to the China Pesticide Network , the use of spray method for the prevention and control of vegetable pests and diseases is good, saving time and effort, and receiving good results. The following are the specific steps of the dust method for the reference of farmers:
First, the application of drugs and dosage. The applicator can be a Harvester-5 or a Harvest-10 handgun. It is required that the wind speed of the spout is above 8 m/s, the shaking speed of the harvesting type-5 hand crank should reach 36 rpm, and the harvest type-10 should reach 50 rpm, the purpose is to produce a strong enough powder. The wind causes the powder to be evenly discharged. The amount of powder discharged is adjusted to about 200 grams per minute. Generally, 1 kilogram of dust is used per acre, and the treatment time is 5 minutes.
Second, the best time to spray. The best time for dusting is morning or evening. The cockroach has not been uncovered or just closed, so the deposition rate of the powder on the crop is higher. Noon should be avoided at noon on sunny days, and powder can be sprayed at any time on cloudy days. Ventilation can be turned on after about 2 hours of dusting. The first spraying of pesticides is sprayed once every 7-10 days according to the condition at the beginning of the disease. Pay attention to the vents and doors of the shed before the dusting. Close the plastic cloth of the shed and try to reach the sealed state. If the shed is only damaged, it will have no effect on the dust.
Third, the technical essentials of dusting. (1) Greenhouse: Using the horizontal spray method of retreat, that is, starting from the inner end of the greenhouse, the operator stands on the aisle, facing away from the north wall of the greenhouse, facing the south side, while spraying on the air, while retreating, until the door is exited, the door is closed. If there is any medicine, the powder spray pipe can be inserted into the room from the upper air outlet to spray, until the remaining powder is sprayed. (2) Greenhouse: It adopts the left and right air swing spraying method. From the north end, the operator stands on the aisle and swings the powder spray pipe to spray powder to the left and right sides. While spraying, it retreats until it exits the door of the southern end and closes the door. (3) Small and medium-sized arch shed: The shed-out spraying method is adopted, that is, a part of the shed is uncovered on one side or two sides of the shed, and the powder-spraying pipe is inserted into the shed to spray, and the nozzle swings left and right.
Tips for pesticide network , be sure to master the dusting technique when applying the powder. Spray the nozzle upwards when spraying, and spray the powder evenly into the air in the booth. Do not spray the powder spray tube to the plant line by line, otherwise it will cause The landing is uneven. Observe the safe operation procedures of pesticides during operation, wear long-sleeved overalls, wear goggles, masks and protective caps. After the spraying, walk out of the shed in time, and then wash your face, wash your hands and rinse your mouth with water to ensure safety.

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