Big copper age cast copper product production process

Big Copper Age Cast Copper Product Production Process Each copper casting product in the Big Copper era requires 12 complicated and rigorous processes and all hand-made, to achieve a piece of exquisite craftsmanship and perfect art treasures!

One of the process: clay sculpture (the predecessor of each product needs a prototype sculpture of the earth, the sculpture is re-created after the sculptor repeatedly tries to figure out and refine the original design, and the shape of the clay is good or bad. The expression of the charm or the expression of the intention directly affects the future product quality, so our sculptors are outstanding in the industry)

Process 2: Silicone mold opening (silicone, English name Likang Silicon, this chemical raw material is usually used to make molds, high degree of refinement, even if the hair thickness can be reflected)

Process 3: Making a resin prototype (polyethylene, also known as Boli Polyethylene. After the silicone mold is completed, the resin prototype of the sculpture prototype can be filled)

Process Flow 4: Trimming the resin embryo body (final grinding and texture treatment and adjustment of the surface of the embryo body)

Process No. 5: Re-manufacturing a silicone mold (reforming the finished resin body to a silicone mold)

Process Flow 6: Making a Paraffin Prototype (The re-made silicone mold has been completely intact and intact. The heated and melted paraffin is pressurized and injected into the silicone mold to produce a wax embryo, which will produce the product. Real shape replica)

Process Flow 7: Refined paraffin prototype (the paraffin prototype that was filled and peeled from the silicone mold, the mold line of the residual mold on the surface and a little damage, so the paraffin prototype needs to be trimmed against the resin prototype body of the third process. This is a very important part, so the link will directly affect the final shape and surface effect of the product)

Process No. 8: Sand mold (ceramic shell) production (send several kinds of wax embryos into a tree string, repeatedly immersed in mud (or stone pulp) repeatedly, embedded in outer layer and dehumidified and dried, and made the shell into 9mm ( 5-7 layers) thick, then put the tree string into a high-heat 140-160 ° C oven or high-pressure steam pot to dissolve the wax embryo until it becomes a hollow ceramic shell)

Process 9: Sintering (sintering the shell mold in a high temperature 800 ° C sintering furnace)

Process 10: Casting (the hollow ceramic shell of the previous process is placed in a sintering furnace and sintered at 800-°C and 1000 °C according to different alloy materials. The copper liquid is immediately cast into the ceramic shell, and the outer ceramic shell is shattered after cooling. Peeled out is the copper product rough embryo)

Process No. 11: Finishing and processing of product castings (sanding and cleaning of cast copper products, and cutting, grinding, heat treatment, shaping, machining, polishing, etc.)

Process 12: Surface effect treatment and protection (The color effect required for the surface treatment of the product, such as antique, polishing, etc. Finally, waxing protection and polishing)

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