Valve Quality Supervision Conference was held in Yongjia

In the hot weather in August, the National Valve Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Phase II Capacity Building Seminar was held in Yongbei County, Weibei. As a professional valve manufacturer, today's first valve information summary:

In the hot weather in August, the second phase of capacity building seminar of the National Valve Quality Supervision and Inspection Center was held in Weibei, Yongjia County. Song Yinli, Secretary General of the Valve Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association, and well-known pump valves of Sinopec and China Petroleum. Industry experts, leaders of Yongjia County Government, experts, entrepreneurs, and conferences on how to improve the inspection and testing level of the pump and valve industry in Yongjia County, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the pump and valve industry. Yang Guolai, Dean of the Institute, and Professor Du Zhaonian from Lanzhou University of Technology attended the meeting as an expert.

It is understood that the National Valve Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has passed the “National Center” of the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau for pre-acceptance. As early as a few years ago, the center has successfully obtained the type A valve type test qualification of pressure pipeline components authorized by the AQSIQ, and cooperated with six international advanced laboratories in valve fire resistance, micro-leakage and low temperature test, and became Zhejiang. The Social Laboratory of Quality Inspection System of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has the ability to solve common technical problems such as detection and research of more than 95% of valve products in the province and surrounding areas.

Lin Mei, director of the center, first introduced the participants to the second phase of the construction and development plan, and solicited opinions from experts and enterprises on the pre-construction projects, budgets and parameters in the capacity building project schedule. It also discussed the integration of the testing center with the Wenzhou Pump and Valve Engineering Research Institute of Lanzhou University of Technology, the construction of the integrated pump and valve building, and the functions to be initially proposed.

The participating experts and entrepreneur representatives agreed that the promotion of the second phase of the center will further guide the gathering of raw material supply, valve matching and processing enterprises, realize resource sharing, promote specialized division of labor, improve the overall strength and competitiveness of the industry, and expand "China." The regional brand influence of the hometown of pumps and valves. At present, the status quo of China's valve industry is only a "manufacturing power" rather than a "manufacturing power", and one of the important reasons is that the level of testing technology is not high. The integration of testing and research institutes will enhance the ability of the testing platform, and each has division of labor and differentiated development. The institute can find problems from testing and improve research, new experimental device development, dynamic diagnosis, simulation design, pump valve database. Construction and other work.

After listening to the expert opinions, Deputy Governor Zheng Huandong said that in order to better serve the pump and valve enterprises and enhance the image of the industry, he will continue to increase support for the construction of the National Valve Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and build the National Valve Quality Supervision and Inspection Center into a world-class city. Inspection and testing service platform. Entrepreneur representative Zhang Xiaozhong, general manager of Baoyi Valve Group, suggested that the company should increase its participation in valve design risk assessment and evaluation and strengthen its technical service capabilities.

At the same time, Secretary-General Song Yinli pointed out that it is necessary to build a national-level integrated pump and valve public service platform in the direction of internationalization, standardization and differentiation, and increase investment in capital and development space.

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