The Effect of Currency Appreciation on Ceramic Sanitary Ware Enterprises

The Effect of Currency Appreciation on Ceramic Sanitary Ware Enterprises In recent years, the trend of appreciation of the *** has been continuing. The United States deliberately forced the *** to show a significant appreciation through the tactics, in order to weaken the profits of exporting companies, and this has also brought a great deal to the sanitary ware companies in China. The big influence has caused the situation of sanitary ware companies to worsen. Export profits have already been very low and now the appreciation of *** has been affected a lot.

***Why does the appreciation bring about such great marketing to the bathroom exporting companies? The reason is that the sales revenues of the exporting enterprises are all denominated in USD, while the appreciation of the *** will lead to the depreciation of the USD, for example, the company’s income is one hundred US dollars. In the past, it could be replaced with a thousand dollars, but because the value of *** has now risen, it can only be replaced by 800 bucks. This is the situation that caused the profits of export companies to be lost invisible. Big pen. So there are really many problems facing export sanitary ware companies.

Let us take a look at foreign markets generally adopt those dastardly tricks to influence the exports of sanitary ware companies in China. First, the banner of anti-dumping to limit the export of sanitary ware companies, the role of this flag can be said to be very obvious, because China's bathroom The export price of a product is inherently cheaper than in other parts of the world. Therefore, a region like the European Union will use the opportunity to take action. In short, it says that dumping is dumping, and so-called other debates don’t work. Therefore, even if export companies make great efforts, they are basically equivalent to no good. Under such circumstances, companies can only accept the so-called anti-dumping charges. This is really like the charge of Yue Fei.

Secondly, to increase the relevant regulations for imported sanitary ware and ceramics, and to adopt corresponding restrictive tactics in terms of technology and quality. This approach is even more impervious. It hides behind some measures that are just right and honest. The market’s savvy tactics make it difficult for export sanitary ware companies to use this method to manage their own people. We should also take corresponding measures to reciprocate them in this market. Otherwise, they thought that they would do these tricks? It really is the ambition of the wolf, clearly in the world.

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