Shanghai Group buys new exhibition hall for the first time on February 27th to promote netizens to buy "...

In order to enhance the group buying experience of netizens in all aspects, the new exhibition hall of the large-scale building material group buying and buying building funded by Shanghai will be a grand opening on February 27th. The exhibition hall covers an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, and can accommodate thousands of brands to participate in large-scale building material group buying conferences. Tens of thousands of people have bargained for a feast and strive to build the nation's largest group buying exhibition hall.

Exhibition hall facade

Inside the exhibition hall

Inside the exhibition hall

The new exhibition hall is located in Shanghai Intellectual Industry Park, one step away from Hulan Road Station of Metro Line 1 and has convenient transportation.

This is a brand-new upgrade of the group buying network of Tibet Group South Tibet Road Group. Here, users will continue to experience the ultra-low prices and excellent quality of well-known first-line brands, and feel the enthusiasm of Shanghai's group-purchasing network for millions of people to bargain, and enjoy the great The extraordinary atmosphere of the exhibition hall makes it easier and more comfortable to purchase building materials.

It is reported that in order to celebrate the grand opening of the new exhibition hall, on the day of the 157th large-scale building product group buying meeting on February 27th, the first 2,000 households signing up for netizens can receive gift coupons, fare and lunch fees for the decoration of the Tiger Year, as well as opportunities to participate. 27 products free experience activities. What is more worth looking forward to is that the popular bargaining division “New Breath” will represent tens of thousands of netizens on the spot, and bargain with popular merchants among thousands of brands. >>> Learn more about the event

It is the mission of the Qi family to make it easier and more reliable for users. Shanghai Group buy network will adhere to the criteria of cost, details, efficiency, determination, from the perspective of users to think, to provide a more comprehensive and caring service, so that users of the decoration as easy as drinking tea!

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