The “Proposal Draft” for Building Materials to the Countryside has issued a subsidy ratio of up to 20%

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According to media reports, the “No. 1 Document” of the Central Committee stated in 2010 that effective measures will be taken to promote “building materials to the countryside”, and the passion of the building materials industry may be detonated. On January 29th, the reporter of “Daily Economic News” obtained the first draft of “Expanding the Policies and Implementation of Building Materials to the Countryside” (hereinafter referred to as the “Proposal”) prepared by the China National Building Material Industry Planning Institute, and related industries such as cement. Various opinions and suggestions are being sought urgently for the first draft.

In the first draft, the form of fixed-rate subsidies was highlighted. Once the subsidy policy is implemented, it is expected that roughly three billion yuan will be needed for financial subsidies within three years, which can stimulate a net increase in rural building materials consumption of at least 130 billion yuan. Li Xin, the deputy dean of the China Building Materials Industry Planning Institute, the main drafter of the “Proposal” stated on the 29th that the “Proposal” was only submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a reference. The final determination of the “Building Materials to the Countryside” program should be led by the National Development and Reform Commission. Ministries participate. The specific timetable is still uncertain, but he believes there will be a substantial advance in 2010.

The drafting party of the first draft thinks that following the practice of migrating agricultural machinery to the countryside and home appliances to the countryside, the policy of subsidizing the consumption of farm households by fiscal funds in a proportional manner is relatively straightforward, simple, and easy to operate, and it has obvious effects. In the "Proposal," the initial proposal for a fixed percentage of subsidies is that all farmers who build new homes should rely on proof of homestead construction and purchase invoices for building materials to limit the amount of subsidies for start-up consumption and the maximum amount of subsidies per household. According to the cumulative amount of invoices to give a proportion of financial subsidies. At the same time, a higher percentage of new energy-saving housing subsidies. The subsidy standard also proposes a framework. According to the nature of different housing establishments, the subsidy ratio is 13% to 20%.

In addition, there is a minimum consumption and maximum subsidy limit. The minimum consumption of building materials for each household built by farmers is not less than 10,000 yuan, and the maximum amount of subsidies is not more than 5,000 yuan; the central government raises funds to build houses and build energy-saving integration in the new village construction area. The maximum amount of subsidies for houses does not exceed 20,000 yuan. The time limit for the implementation of this policy is tentatively set at 3 years. The source of funding is 80% for the central government and 20% for provincial finance.

It is understood that the draft has been issued to the various building materials industry for comments. On the 29th, China Cement Association took the lead in convening a small-scale symposium. The relevant companies put forward their opinions on the subsidy plan mentioned in the "Proposal," and considered that the cement company had operated due to problems such as sales radius, transportation, and profits. It is too complicated and too difficult.

Li Xin said that the construction of the building materials to the countryside is much more complicated than the home appliances and agricultural machinery to the countryside. The "Proposal" also mentioned that we must choose an implementation plan that can achieve the purpose, and maximize the use of financial capital to maximize the role of pulling, simple procedures, low management costs, and ease of operation.

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