Qi family classroom: Graphic explanation cabinet knowledge

First, the basic concept

1, cabinet height

According to Chinese people's physical characteristics, the height of cabinet cabinets (including countertops) is appropriate around 80cm. The common adjustment foot height is 10cm and the table height is 4cm. The height of the cabinet is generally 65cm, slightly higher than 71.5cm.

Cabinet height = adjustment foot + cabinet + countertop

So there are generally two types of cabinet heights that can be selected:

A, 10+65 cm +4 cm =79cm

B, 10cm+71.5cm+4 cm = 85.5cm

After the height of the cabinet is determined, the height of the cabinet and the height of the hanging cabinet will be discussed.

Many houses are about 250cm high, but according to the average height and operating habits of ordinary people, space above 180cm is rarely used.

If you want to ensure that the cabinet is always in an available state, you should lower the height to facilitate the collection.
The hanging position of the hanging cabinet also involves the hood problem. The suction size of the hood is related to the height. The higher the hook is, the smaller the smoking effect is. Many families set the height of the cabinet to 85cm or so, and the range of the hood to the tabletop was 75cm. In fact, this height is inconvenient to operate. It is easy to hit the head and the effect of the oil fume is not good.

The standard range hood suspension position should be 52cm/65cm away from the floor cabinet (without the countertop). Above this height, the hood's performance will not be effective.

Smoke machine height 52cm

The height of the cabinet is generally 65cm/78cm/91cm

According to the ceiling height of the kitchen, if the ceiling of the kitchen is higher than 2.3m, a 91cm wall cabinet can be considered.

78CM height cabinet

91cm height cabinet

2, the depth of the cabinet

The depth of cabinets (including countertops) is generally about 60.5cm.

The depth of the cabinet is 56cm, and the depth of the cabinet is 32cm.

There is also a cabinet with a depth of 71cm

The height of the adjustment foot is from 8cm to 22cm. However, since the height of the finished PVC or aluminum headboard is only 10cm, the adjustment foot of about 10cm is used more.

From a visual point of view, the height of the 16- to 18-cm skirting board is better, so that the height of the cabinet body (including the table top) is 85-87 cm, but it is too high for most people unless the height is more than 185 cm.

Another point to be reminded is that if you want to put a washing machine in the cabinet, the height of the countertop must be carefully considered.

The height of the drum washing machine is generally 82cm or 86cm, plus the table 4cm, the total height of 86-90cm.

Under the premise of keeping the height of the skirting board 10cm, the height of the partial cabinet body (78cm) can be used to solve.

Second, the layout of the kitchen

Usually we go to the store to buy things, especially to buy clothes, there will be such a feeling: hang in the window, or on the display stand is very good, really worn on himself, but also so.

Many times our eyes can deceive our own judgment. There are two main factors in creating an atmosphere: one is space, and the other is light.

Taking the cabinet display as an example, the finished product cabinets in the exhibition hall are generally designed to be very large. The display area of ​​a single kitchen is about 20M2 or more. But is the kitchen in our house so big? General apartment kitchen area is about 4.5-7.5M2, but the largest but 10M2. Some villas may have larger kitchens, but the maximum will not exceed 20M2. Moreover, our Chinese food habits are not suitable for open kitchens, especially the combination of restaurants and kitchens. Therefore, the decoration of the exhibition hall is always a reference.

Light problem. The lighting of the family and the lighting of the exhibition hall are incomparable. After all, the kitchen is a place to set fire to cooking. Few people will arrange spotlights and outline lights in the kitchen. They can install ceiling lights at most, and install a small operation under the wall cabinet. light. Even the lighting in the living room can not keep up with the lighting of the exhibition hall, and often the lights in the living room are not fully open.

So how do we determine the layout of the cabinet?

First learn a few tips.


The left and right sides of the cooker should be at least 30cm above the space. It is best to have 50cm. According to the operating habits, determine the stainless steel sauce basket position.


Close to the stove where you can use a drawer or sauce basket to facilitate access to tools.

However, there are already children at home. It is recommended not to install three drawers under the cooker. The child may climb the drawer to the stove and cause unnecessary injuries.


Do not install drawers near corners.


The size of the cabinet should not be considered too dead. Take into account the flatness error of the wall.

When designing, it is best to leave a gap between the cabinet and the wall so that the door can be fully opened.

Clearance distance is recommended to be more than 3cm, preferably around 5-6cm.

Industrial cabinets should all be standard cabinets. The common cabinets are: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm.

Everyone may ask why there are so many basic cabinets. 90cm cabinet, 100cm cabinet, 120cm why not?

To answer this question, we must start from the door.

Around these basic cabinets, only four sizes are sufficient for the door: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, and 60cm.

30cm cabinet, 40cm cabinet, 50cm cabinet: Use 30, 40, 50cm single door respectively

60cm cabinet: 60cm single door, 30cm*2 double door

80cm Gui: 40cm*2 double door 30+50cm double door

Cabinets with a width of more than 80 cm are not stable in terms of strength. Need to install vertical plate, column support, or easily deformed.

And 90cm cabinet, the corresponding door is equally divided 45cm*2, 45cm door exchange performance is relatively poor.

The common 90 cabinets are basically used for cooking cabinets (corresponding to the 90cm European smoke machine), so many manufacturers usually treat the cabinets as drawers in order to avoid non-standard appearance. 90cm width of the European machine, it is indeed difficult to deal with. According to the standard design scheme, the European style hood should be equipped with four ovens. Both sides of the two 30 cm pull baskets.

There are two kinds of matching schemes below, please understand.

The first scheme:

European smoke machine close to two hanging cabinets on both sides, space feeling cramped, but also not conducive to future cleaning of the smoke machine (after all, there will be a lot of smoke accumulation). If you want to install a hanging cabinet side decorative panel, the cabinet will become a non-standard size.

The second scenario:

There are 15cm gaps between the European style fume hood and the cabinets on both sides, which makes it more generous and can highlight the style of the European style fume hood. Future cleaning is also very convenient.

Even with the decorative panels installed on the side of the hood near the hood, space is more than enough.

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