Choose the baseboard color according to the room area

The skirting board is an indispensable decorative material in the home decoration. It can fix the floor decoration materials, cover the seams and processing marks of the ground, improve the overall sense of the floor decoration, and play the role of protecting the corners and ensuring the normal use of the wall materials.

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At present, there are many types of skirting boards on the market, and the home decoration mainly uses profiles made of wood, stone, ceramics, composite materials, and plastics. When selecting the material of the skirting board, consideration should be given to the material of the flooring material.


In a small room, the color of the skirting board near the ground can make the space appear bigger.

Large room, the skirting board can choose the color of the wall.

The color selection of the skirting board should be distinguished from the floor and the wall. It is recommended that the skirting board color be used to select the middle color between the floor and the wall. At the same time, the color can be determined according to the area of ​​the room: the skirting board of the small room area is selected to be close to the ground, and vice versa. The color of the wall.

Line type

The line pattern of the skirting board should not be complicated and should be consistent with the overall decoration style. Among them, the wooden skirting board has been widely used due to its wide adaptability, strong workability, and convenient construction.

In the market to buy wooden skirting boards, they should first visually measure the quality of their appearance: plywood and wood products must not have the appearance of dead knots, pith, rot and other defects; line type should be clear and smooth; processing depth should be consistent; smooth surface, no burr; Wood moisture content should be less than 12% without distortion.

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