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Wuxi users [tcp_ip] experience:

I originally wanted to do plastic steel, said that the plastic seal is good.

But for a while, I ran down to confirm my original worry: After all, plastic can't reach the metal in durability, even if it's authentic conch steel. There is a JS desperately recommending plastic steel, saying that authentic conch shells are not bad, so I The test on the spot was still broken, not to mention the situation of drying up in the future for several years.

It was also found that the hermeticity of the steel was not as good as the water resistance. On the contrary, the 828 aluminum profile was greatly improved compared to the old-fashioned aluminum profile: the treatment of the junction between the two windows, and the sink with a slope made 828 Sealing, waterproofing has been greatly improved. And the plastic flat slot is easy to collect water.

I took a look at the new houses outside and found that some of the houses built in previous years were made of steel, and almost all of the new buildings were made of aluminum.

As a result, I decided to do aluminum profiles, and then I learned about the inside of the 828 aluminum profiles.

1. First say the thickness

The technical specifications of Jiangsu Province must not be written less than 1.4 MM. The actual situation is that the basic level of doing outside is not higher than 1.4 MM. The problem is still in the price - the poor people.

Then you go to any place to do 828, you first ask: "Is to do 0.8 of 1.0 or 1.2 ah \" The average student knows: how much is said, the actual test is not, will be less than the nominal.

But do you know that you shouldn't assume that the 828 has these specifications, that is if you are sure to do 1.2, all the materials for your windows are 1.2 thick. NO, NO, NO, in fact say 1.2 The thickest part of your material is less than 1.2 points, the thin part may be 1.0, and some may be 0.8. For example, the vertical frame of the frame is difficult, there will be 1.2. And the material of the window is thin, The window's crosspiece is even thinner, but in some places, such as the base transverse groove, it may be more than 1.2.

If you don't believe it, you can agree with JS that the window you make is all 1.2 thick --- measured. He must be honest.

In addition, JS will usually give you a sample. It should be noted whether he shows you a part of the pedestal or the vertical file. That is what he is most capable of. The thin one will not show it to you. If you want to measure , pay attention to scrape the cross section, why not say it.

2. Where did you do it?

Originally also prepared to invite some door and window manufacturers to do, but look at some complaints in the forum, feel that these manufacturers in addition to the high price point, human cattle X point, no other benefits, can only run the store. Later found that 828 do the basic homogenization of doors and windows Because the materials --- are all aluminum alloys, and few brands on the market --- Guangdong Nordson, Jiangyin XXX. The key processing steps --- are all done at the wholesale station to buy this material. There is no such machine in the shop.

Those stores are making a phone call, reported a size, the wholesale station will be shipped to the processed profiles, the store is doing is to install the glass Bale. That shop to do my home 13 square 828 spent only half a day. If you don’t believe that you pay attention, you will find that the shops have never been stocked, and they have never seen them process profiles. This is the reason. Suspecting those so-called manufacturers is also the case. So 828 profiles do not have much quality for the main body.

3. How to calculate the price.

In front of you know that the thickness of the various parts of the 828 aluminum section that the shop does for you is not the same, so the price is not fixed, for example, the same 1.2, the store can give you the main material 1.2 [actually no 1.2], other thin 1.0 If you have a very good bargain, you can secretly give you the main material of 1.2, other 0.8, anyway, you can not see.

Then the shop is how to ask the wholesale station to buy profiles. --- After they reported the size and requirements, the seller delivered the goods, saying that the amount of money --- I did not expect it. So the cost of the shop is entirely in the weight of the profile, The thickness of the windows and doors used to give you more flexibility in their own, anyway, anywhere to give you a little thickness, their cost will be reduced, and profits will increase.

4 details should pay attention

828 profiles no major body of quality to go, this shop does not have autonomy. But they can not relax their requirements, because they control the autonomy of the use of accessories.

Glass, rollers, thongs, and locks must be agreed upon with them to prevent them from using poorly to reduce costs. The accessories are actually critical to the final performance. The rollers are bad, they can mad you in the future and the thongs will be lost. Some trouble.

to sum up:
Do not talk about a thickness with the shop, prevent them from taking advantage of the loopholes, tell them that you want to go for inspections, and that all parts should be tested with real tests. Do not speak the quotation. If they say that 1.2 is actually only 1.1, then give them a clear description --- The site must be measured 1.1 thick. On this basis on the price, or talk about the price is meaningless, they will cut corners to make up. Accessories should also be stated, it is recommended that the roller with a ball pulley, with double skin, glass with more thickness on their own Master it.

The shop that I went to, the owner was fairly honest, the price was lower [relative to the many black heart shops outside], and then I gave him the thickness, probably I was fine enough, and stated that it must be tested, he Afraid, when I made a phone call to order the material, I said it was a little thicker than usual. The result I gave him was the profile of the main 1.0. The last delivery was the main 1.2. He can only follow the order. All received. No wonder that the day the initiative to call me to check, and I praised him.

Now it seems that the so-called Nordson news on the market should all be considered non-standard. And the so-called non-standard in the store is called a fraud target --- to say that 0.8 is 1.0.

However, the market seems to see only Connaught believers, I've seen Jiangyin Longding, the other see no see. The students must actually operate with only Nordson, as far as possible in the pick Thick bar.

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