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In order to reduce the waste of favorable resources in China, the state has introduced a new recycling policy for renewable resources. The wood shredder has played a very important role in the implementation of the new policy, allowing old wood, branches, and old wooden furniture to be fully carried out. The crushing is in use, the wood shredder can do it, and in many large wood processing production lines, many Wanhua wood shredders can be seen. The application of wood shredders is very extensive, and the fields involved are very wide. The current favorable wood shredder policy in the country is to make this new industrial equipment step into glory.
Wanhua Wood Crusher Introduction:
First, the scope of application:
The wood powder machine produced by our factory is suitable for the crushing of soft materials such as soft minerals, brittle materials, tough materials, fiber materials and other solid materials with hardness of about 3 grades. It can be ground in a variety of powder, granule, fiber, and 100% yield with fineness between 10-525 mesh. It has no residual residue and does not need any drying equipment. Suitable for: pine, miscellaneous wood, yangmu, fir, raw bamboo, miscellaneous wood powder, bamboo powder, cork powder, polychlorinated plastic, tooth material, dye, leather, mica, refined cotton, seawater products, condiments, feed, Rice husks, corn stalks, peanut hulls, husks, gluten, pesticides, charcoal, rigid foam, fine tire lines, etc. Due to its compact structure, small footprint, good chipping quality, low power consumption, and suitable for flow operation, the structural principle:
1. Adopt high-speed impact, sharp cutting, gap grinding and flow self-grinding principle to make the material achieve fine crushing.
2. The main machine consists of three parts: the rotor, the upper body and the lower body. The crushing chamber adopts multi-stage crushing process and fine crushing principle device, which is characterized by large working impact force, high production efficiency and strong fine crushing ability.
3. The whole machine is composed of main engine, fan, analyzer, dust collector and dust collector. The components are compact in structure and reasonable in layout, and the protrusions are particularly convenient to operate, safe to use, good in sealing, and low in noise.

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'Wood grinder standard wood powder machine sawdust machine chipper Wanhua Machinery

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