Iron carbon filler - new parameters

<Iron carbon filler price> Detailed description I. <Iron carbon filler price> Detailed description of Weifang Puyinworun iron carbon filler product introduction:
The new micro-electrolysis technology can efficiently remove high-concentration organic matter in wastewater, improve biodegradability, and reduce chroma. It is an electrolytic treatment of wastewater by generating a potential difference of 1.2 volts without an external power supply. When the system is connected to water, a galvanic cell system is formed in the device, and a plurality of electric fields are generated around it to form an electric current, and the principle of electrolysis of the wastewater is achieved. Degradation of organic pollution. Iron releases iron ions under acidic conditions to form a new ecological Fe2+, Fe2+ has an oxidation-reduction effect, and can undergo redox reaction with many components in wastewater. (1) Reduction of hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium (2) Reduction of mercury ions to elemental mercury (3) Reduction of nitro group to amino group (4) Oxidation-reduction of colored groups or chromophores of azo wastewater to achieve degradation and decolorization The biodegradability of wastewater. The generated Fe2+ pH value further produces Fe3+, Fe3+ is a good flocculant. Their hydrates have strong adsorption-flocculation, and Fe3+ further produces ferrous hydroxide and ferric hydroxide colloidal flocculants under the action of reduction. Their adsorption capacity is much higher than those of the flocculant obtained by the hydrolysis of chemical agents. The suspended matter, toxic substances, metal ions and macromolecules dispersed in the water pollution can be adsorbed and flocculated and precipitated. Its working principle: electrochemical, oxidation-reduction, physical adsorption and flocculation--precipitation work together to treat wastewater.
Second, Puyinworun iron carbon filler technical features:
â—† Solved the problem of packing, passivation and replacement of micro-electrolysis wastewater treatment process.
â—†The internal electrolysis anode and cathode and the catalyst form a structural alloy structure through high temperature, which does not easily separate the anode and the cathode as the iron-carbon mixed composition, which affects the primary battery reaction.
â—†Using microporous activation technology, the specific surface area is large, and the catalyst is added at the same time, which provides greater current density and better micro-electrolysis reaction effect for wastewater treatment, and the reaction rate is fast.
â—† Due to the dual functions of micro-electrolysis and catalyst, the conventional iron-carbon filler is used for the treatment of large organic matter concentration, high toxicity, high chroma and difficult biochemical wastewater. The COD removal rate in wastewater is generally about 35%-60%, and the chroma The removal rate is over 95%.
â—† Electrolytic treatment method can achieve the effect of chemical precipitation and phosphorus removal, and can also remove heavy metals by reduction.
â—†Fe2+ catalysis, after the micro-electrolysis, H2O2 is added, that is, the Fenton oxidation process, the decomposing rate of CODcr for some refractory chemical wastewater can reach 75-95%.
â—†This technology encapsulates iron and metal catalysts with carbon through high-temperature sintering and other processes to form a structural iron-carbon structure.
Third, the application scope of Weifang Puyin Runrun iron carbon filler is mainly applicable to: dyes, printing and dyeing wastewater, coking wastewater, petrochemical wastewater, leather wastewater, papermaking wastewater, wood processing wastewater, electroplating wastewater, printing wastewater, mining wastewater and other heavy metals. Waste water, organophosphorus pesticide wastewater, and organochlorine pesticide wastewater.

'Iron carbon filler - new parameters

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